Oranje HEad

Oranje Head was a Twitch and Youtube venture started by myself and a friend after splitting from a previous games review website in order to pursue video based content. We enjoyed experimenting with the formats and, even though we ultimately found we didn’t have enough time to commit to it, we greatly enjoyed creating a variety of content.

Build Guides

Build guides were a popular video format for the channel. These allowed me to flex my game knowledge as well as my editing skills to quickly record, edit and release content within a short time frame


Streaming to Twitch taught me a lot of lessons on how to handle live video content, integrate 2D and 3D elements on command and how to multitask with an audience.

Early access

Early access content pushed me to get software and hardware in sync in a tight time frame, and to trouble shoot issues calmly and swiftly to ensure events ran to time.